Our Process

We firmly believe that knowing where you’re going is rooted in knowing where you’ve been. Beginning your journey with a deep dive into your passions, goals, needs, and wants allows us to get to know you. From there, we implement a detailed plan, focused on making your financial dreams a reality.


  • Introduction

  • Discovery

  • Data Gathering

  • Proposal

  • Implementation

Onboarding Introduction

From our unique New Client Discovery Meeting to our Complimentary Second Opinion Service, we are here to serve from day one.

Onboarding Discovery

The Client-Advisor relationship is one deeply rooted in trust and security, neither of which can be built without strong foundations. Our approach is one of listening to your personal and financial goals, needs, and desires, guiding you to form the strongest path to success in reaching them.

Onboarding Data Gathering

Much like any other major decision, they should never be made without the proper data. Our comprehensive analysis of your current and desired situations is built upon a proper gathering of information about you, your life, your goals, and your finances.

Onboarding Proposal

Once we’ve combed through each and every piece of the qualitative and quantitative data supplied to us, our expert team of advisors will begin charting the path towards accomplishing our goals.

Onboarding Implementation

From the moment we get the “green light” to execute your plan, our team goes to work on not only the precise execution of each component but on mapping the ongoing maintenance that is required. Our plans can change over time, and so should your Financial Plan.

Ongoing Care 30 Day Check-In

From consolidating new documents and paperwork to navigating the client portal, our team is here to lighten the load.

Ongoing Care 90 Day Check-In

Your involvement in the process is as in-depth as you’d like it to be. With the client portal at your disposal, you can check in periodically, annually, or daily. The choice is yours.

Ongoing Care Regular Check-Ins

From the first year onward, we meet annually to ensure that your plan still fits your needs. From your money to your goals, your plan will change with you.

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