We Lead by Listening

We provide fiduciary first advice to help you chart an otherwise uncharted financial future. Our process starts with what we like to call our Discovery Meeting, a complimentary deep dive into your experience with finances. From here, we use our disciplined approach to develop and execute a comprehensive financial plan. The longevity of our relationship is rooted in the continual management, and oversight that accompanies an ever changing financial environment.

Whether you’re looking to make a change or simply value a second opinion, we would love for you to initiate a conversation to see if you are one of the few we can be everything for.

What you can expect from ROSEVEST

  • Authentic relationships built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect.
  • Fiduciary always; strategies are built in your best interest, not ours.
  • Financial plans and advice crafted and refined to your unique story.

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Our Story

Some people are solely shaped by the world around them, others shape their world. Rose Guttman was the latter, and who we strive to be.

Rose Guttman had a certain way with people. Whether you had OCD, hated someone in your personal space, or loved each person who came by, Rosie always figured out the right way to connect. In her presence, you became the most loved and cared for person in the world. In that moment, you felt safe.

When Jake entered the business, he knew he would help others, but never knew to what extent. Today, Rosevest successfully coordinates the finances of more than 270 individuals, families, and business owners throughout the country. Through the execution of strategic financial plans, we empower our clients to live like Rose, fiercely and intentionally. Our vision, our firm, our lives, and our ambitions radiate with the memory of Rose Guttman.