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credit card debt

6 Ways to Rebuild Your Credit

From paying your bills on time to getting a credit builder loan, it’s never too late to reestablish your credit. Credit can be confusing. Having good credit means that you’re able to borrow money and access low interest rates for home or vehicle loans and credit cards. But, what if you don’t have good credit?  Many Americans don’t. In 2020, more than […]

dinner table

Financial Literacy Begins at the Dinner Table

Why is financial literacy so important? In New Evidence on the Financial Knowledge and Characteristics of Investors, researchers from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC) at the George Washington University School of Business find today’s investors are at risk of falling behind in financial literacy. In recent […]

women holding shopping bags

COVID-19 spending habits that should stick around post-pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic forced millions of people to truly evaluate their finances and consider frugality as layoffs swept the nation and stimulus checks couldn’t come fast enough. A poll by Slickdeals found that 60% of Americans say the pandemic changed their purchasing behavior, with many cutting spending on movies, clothes and entertainment. As the economy […]

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