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Jake Guttman, FSCP®

Jake Guttman, FSCP®

Founder & CEO

Experience matters. Credentials matter. Connection matters. When selecting an advisor, every client should feel at ease and confident in their decision. Knowing that the advisor has extensive education and credentials, as well as years of all-encompassing industry background, specifically working with high-net-worth clients, will fortify your choice. As a sophisticated investor, you know that objectivity, experience and expert consultation are paramount.

Jacob “Jake” Guttman is the President of Rosevest Financial, a client-centric wealth management practice office in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm was founded in 2001, receiving a new image in 2019. The first several years of his career he initially focused on insurance and high level financial planning, helping clients to build out a plan for their goals.

During the maturation of Rosevest, Jake identified the need for high quality independent comprehensive financial solutions. Rosevest was expanded to provide high quality independent investment and planning advice along with exceptional service. Supported by a highly experienced and credentialed team, Jake acts as a Personal Chief Financial Officer by providing comprehensive investment and planning services to successful families and individuals. When you engage with Jake, you are working with an advisor who has invested in his own on-going education and who adheres to an ethics code that requires that he only act in his clients’ best interest as a fiduciary.

Clients engaging in the comprehensive wealth management approach are guided through a disciplined five step process which includes: a unique discovery meeting, investment consulting, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving. Jake also encourages prospective clients to take advantage of the firm’s “second opinion” service. This offering allows prospective clients to get a real snap shot of their current investments and plans with a written action plan. Mr. Guttman develops specific strategies to minimize taxes, monetize and protect assets and transfer wealth, according to your goals and objectives.

Mr. Guttman is a graduate of The University of Arizona, majoring in economics and psychology. He is a Financial Services Certified Professional (FSCP®). After accomplishing his FSCP®, Jake now intends to go back to school once again for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation.

Jake and his partner, Melanie, currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Jake at a car show, on a mountain, or with his two dogs Finn and Bubba. Jake is an avid traveler, dog lover, and sports car enthusiast.