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Jake Guttman, FSCP® Founder & CEO

Jacob “Jake” Guttman is the president of Rosevest Financial and acts as a personal chief financial officer by providing comprehensive and intentional financial solutions. Rosevest Financial is a client-centric wealth management practice in Phoenix, Arizona, fueled by creating strategic, long-term financial planning and providing peace-of-mind along the way

Jake earned his bachelor of science in Economics and Psychology from the University of Arizona and is an accredited Financial Services Certified Professional (FSCP®). He and his partner, Melanie, currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Jake at a car show, on a mountain, or with his two dogs Finn and Bubba. Jake is an avid traveler, dog lover, and sports car enthusiast.

Rosevest Financial provides exquisite, fiduciary first financial advisement with an emphasis on listening to your personal needs. We offer intentional solutions for individuals and families who value the professional management of their wealth and assets. Our approach provides an experience that will allow your shoulders to drop with peace, and the capacity to spend your time with the people and things you love most.

Meet the Team

Our Rosevest Team is a meticulously assembled group of highly trained professionals. Carefully vetted through an intensive recruiting process, and constantly striving for excellence, our team members are the backbone of our operations.

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