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Client Centered

Rose Guttman had a certain way with people. Whether you had OCD, hated someone in your personal space, or loved each person that came by, Rosie had a way to get close enough to hug you, hold you, and tell you that you were the most important person in the world. “You are my sunshine, you are so beautiful, I love you, honey.” Rose was a ray of sunshine to each person she met, no matter color, culture or race. In that moment, you became the most loved and cared for person in the world. In that moment, you felt safe. You felt as if someone listened, someone loved you, and someone truly saw you for who you were. Most important of all, she meant it.

Located in Phoenix, we are surrounded by wealth, abundance, and financial freedoms unparalleled by many other cities. While filled with success, it seems that there is a lack of passion, lack of depth, and perhaps a lack of authenticity. At age 14, Jake was entering middle school in North Scottsdale. Kids would be fighting over clothes, cars, and vacation destinations. At the same age, Rose was entering Auschwitz; family members killed, lives destroyed, generations wiped out. From the day she was born in Romania, to the day she passed, she became a ray of light, and a beacon of hope for all those she met.

Client Centered

Her stories were horrific, but they awaken something in all of us, and encourage us to look inward. Anyone who had the privilege to spend time with Rose knew just how powerful she was, and still is. Our vision, our firm, our lives, and our ambitions radiate with the memory of Rose Guttman. May we all be as cared for, encouraged, and loved as a lucky few felt by that wonderful, goofy, and powerful woman.

When Jake entered the business, he knew he would help others, but never knew to what extent. When he began to lead the firm, Jake knew it had to embody something beautiful and true. Jumping to today, Rosevest now successfully coordinates the finances of more than 270 families and business owners throughout the country. We strive for excellence, elegance, and purpose. But more than anything, we aim to make each family feel as if they’re meeting Rose for the first time.