Our Story

Rosevest Financial is the namesake of Grandmother Rose

Rosevest Financial provides detailed financial advisement with an emphasis on listening to your personal needs. We offer intentional solutions for individuals and families who value the professional management of their wealth and assets. Our approach provides an experience that creates financial confidence, and the capacity to spend your time with the people and things you love most.

Rose Guttman, Our Inspiration

Some people are solely shaped by the world around them, others shape their world. Rose Guttman was the latter, and who we strive to be.

Rose Guttman had a certain way with people. Whether you had OCD, hated someone in your personal space, or loved each person who came by, Rosie always figured out the right way to connect. In her presence, you became the most loved and cared for person in the world. At that moment, you felt safe.

Nurturing Spirits

The world didn’t shape Rose into this person, her personal resolve did. Rose was born in a small town in Romania, where she and her family lived a simple life until the rise of Hitler. At the impressionable age of twelve, her life’s journey was dramatically altered. She was imprisoned in Auschwitz – family members were killed, lives destroyed, generations wiped out. Rather than allowing this experience to destroy her, Rose chose to nurture her own spirit and those of the people around her. She fiercely resolved to live intentionally, abundantly, generously, and with gratitude.

Building on Her Legacy

Rose’s stories were horrific, but they awakened something in all who know them and encouraged us to look inward. Anyone who had the privilege to spend time with Rose knew just how powerful she was, and still is.

When Jake entered the business, he knew he would help others, but never knew to what extent. Today, Rosevest successfully coordinates the finances of more than 270 individuals, families, and business owners throughout the country. Through the execution of strategic financial plans, we help empower our clients to live like Rose, fiercely and intentionally. Our vision, our firm, our lives, and our ambitions radiate with the memory of Rose Guttman.